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If you haven’t heard or seen a2 Milk® I am excited to share a little bit about why we love it.

a2 Milk® is a pure farm fresh milk! Yep, that’s right straight from the farm. If you normally have tummy issues with other milks you may enjoy a2 Milk® without any of those yucky symptoms! You see, originally cows only produced milk with the A2 protein, but over time, some cows started to produce milk with both the A2 and A1 protein. The addition of the A1 protein, which is found in all conventional and organic milk on the U.S. market, is the cause of Post-Dairy Digestive Discomfort in 1 out of 4 people. Thankfully a2 Milk®  farmers tend to specially selected heirloom cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein and none of the trouble causing A1 protein! Good news right?!



We are loving the fact that we know where are enjoying  milk that is coming from heirloom cows that are raised on a vegetarian diet, never given rBST, are free from antibiotics, and contain no artificial additives. We haven’t been able to drink milk in our house for years, so adding a2 Milk® into our household has been wonderful! With RJ being such the little eater that she is, I love that a2 Milk® contains approximately 6x the amount of calcium as soy beverages, approximately 8x the protein of almond beverages and approximately 6x the potassium levels of rice beverages!


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a2 Milk® is real, natural milk, and contains the same amount of lactose as ordinary cows’ milk, so it’s not an option for people who have been clinically diagnosed with lactose intolerance.


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Virtual Coffee Date (I AM BACK)

by Bobbi from nhershoes on May 20, 2016 · 0 comments

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Happy FRIDAY Friends!

I am not sure where April went and now almost most of May has gone?! I feel like we were just singing Christmas carols and drinking hot coco together next to the tree!! What they say about the year flying by faster when you have kids and get older…it is SOOOOO TRUE! But I am here and haven’t forgotten about this sweet little blog. I actually missed writing and that’s how I knew it was time to come back!

If we were having coffee right now…..I would tell you about the Margarita 5k I ran a few weeks ago! Nothing like starting your birthday month with a 5k on the beach. The race was a fun run and it was on the sand.  We didn’t get margaritas though!! They only gave us tickets to go a few cities over, not cool not cool. None the less it was fun that my Mom and friends did it with me and we all ran our own races and for some it was even their first 5k!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 2.27.25 PM

If we were having coffee right now…..I would tell you about Choose Joy Event that I spoke at in April. This was my fourth time attending the Choose Joy Event, but the first time that Hubby attended with me! It was so wonderful having him there with me to see everything that I have gotten to experience the past four years. I think he loved it so much he even wants to be a speaker himself next year. I spoke on the Fost/Adopt panel and it was more of just a casual gathering sharing our Fost/Adopt stories with one another, loved listening to where other people are in their journeys!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 2.26.46 PM

If we were having coffee right now…..I would tell you about Refresh Summit that took place two weeks ago here in my home town and it was a blast! This was our fourth Refresh Summit and this time it was a Friday night and all day Saturday event held at the Burrage Mansion in Redlands CA. I have a full blog post coming about this retreat as well as when you can sign up for the next one!!!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 2.25.35 PM

If we were having coffee right now…..I would tell you about Palm Springs Birthday weekend where Megan and I celebrated our birthdays together! We got to use a friends condo and just relax by the pool and of course brunch was involved! We really didn’t leave the condo much and made most of our meals, which was so nice. I think it’s fun to get all dolled up for your birthday sometimes, but at 34 a relaxing day by the pool and watching movies in my jammies sounds a lot more fun!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 2.26.00 PM

If we were having coffee right now…..I would tell you about Tinker Bell Half Marathon Expo that I worked last weekend. It’s always a blast getting to work with Raw Threads at the Run Disney events! The best part is I get to work with my friends and get to meet some of the most amazing runners!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 2.25.00 PM

If we were having coffee right now…..I would tell you about Disney Land with Hubby and RJ! Hubby hasn’t been to Disney Land with RJ since she was one and not even walking yet, so this time it was a whole new adventure! I only have an anual pass (thanks to my Daddy) so we got hooked up with a day pass for Matt and had one of the best days ever. It was really empty so we got to ride a ton of rides and the weather was absolutely perfect! I am not sure if I could convince him to get an annual pass, but he sure did love the one day with our girl!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 2.24.30 PM

If we were having coffee right now…..I would tell you that we had the most relaxing Mother’s Day! I started the day with a 7 mile run and when I got back Matt had made me eggs benedict and mimosas at our house by the fire! It was perfect! We went to church after and then spent the day with my Mama and family at the park, followed by a little time with the bro at a local brewery. Mother’s day is always a hard day for me, yes it’s fun to be celebrated and I love celebrating my mama, but I always think about RJ’s birth mom and get a bit emotional for her and pray for her. This year wasn’t any different but I just pray a little harder.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 2.24.46 PM

If we were having coffee right now…..I would tell you about The Great Wolf Lodge, but I have a full blog post about this amazing place so you will have to wait to hear!!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 2.23.50 PM

If we were having coffee right now….I would tell you how I have a great group of May Summer Shredders and they are crushing their first week of workouts! I wasn’t sure I was even going to do a Summer Shred this year and now that it’s here and going I am so glad I did! I love helping people eat clean and feel amazing from the inside out! It’s one of my biggest joys about my job as a personal trainer!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 2.24.02 PM

If we were having coffee right now…..I would tell you that I have been working 80+ hours a week the past two months and it’s been a bit crazy. Getting ready for the Summer Shred, planning the Refresh Summit, working at the CCA Registrar at Forest Home, Personal Training, and of course being a full time MAMA!!!! I had a bit of a break down about a month ago and reached out to my beautiful sisters in Christ, who reminded me to give myself grace and to just breathe and not beat myself up so much for not doing it all perfectly. That it was ok to say NO to some things so I could say yes to others, like a sparkling clean shower or a perfectly organized fridge. It’s ok to ask for help!  I feel like I couldn’t keep my house as clean as I wanted and I was failing as a wife…(that was SATAN). So I pulled my big girl pants on, poured myself a big cup of coffee (maybe a glass of wine)  and started digging back in to God’s word and finding my identity in God and not my CLEAN HOUSE! I am doing the best I can and it is so easy for me to give grace to others and not to myself. This is a short busy season and I will not just survive it, I will thrive in it…even if I fail, miss the mark, or even cry a little. Don’t just get through the day friends, enjoy it….cause you never know if it will be your last :)

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 2.25.24 PM

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Summer Shred 2016

May 3, 2016

Big News! The Summer Shred 2016 is HERE!!! These past four years have been amazing! The incredible stories of transformation have been overwhelmingly joyous to my soul! It’s those changed lifestyles and rejuvenation of a new walk that keeps me wanting to serve you guys! SUCCESS STARTED WITH THE SUMMER SHRED: Here is just one […]

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Grace Upon Grace

April 6, 2016

Helllloooo FRIENDS!!!!! I feel like I was MIA for the month of March. It has been a fun and crazy season of travel and potty training over here. In my last post I told you we potty trained RJ with the three day method, well we WERE WRONG!!!!! I mean ya, RJ is definitely going […]

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